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For 27 years, RAYPATH International products have cleaned homes, schools and businesses across the European Continent with a sharp focus on the green approach.  Raypath International products contain no chemicals, detergents, dyes, are odor free and non-allergenic.  The unique cleaning properties of our products are owed to the very structure of the cleaners and the right application of NanoSilver technology.

  • Made of 20 micrometer thick microfibers – similar to that of a human hair.  This means that dirt is captured in the fibers' grooves and are not transferred back on the surface being cleaned.

  • Exposure to oxygen + moisture causes the silver atoms on the surface of the cloth to oxidize forming silver ions.  These silver ions are the basis for the antimicrobial protection.  The positively charged silver ions are attracted to negatively charged bacteria.  The silver ions cross the cell wall and membrane to enter the bacteria where they attach to the very structure of the bacteria – the DNA – and disrupt the respiratory function, cell division and replication process.  

  • Ultimately the silver ions drastically inhibit the bacteria, preventing mutation and reproduction.  Products powered by Raypath NanoSilver Technology have a strong reservoir of silver and provide a quick comprehensive and continuous release of antimicrobial silver ions that last the life of the product. 

  • Because the proprietary Raypath NanoSilver technology creates a permanent bond between the pure natural silver and the cloth fibers, they do not release metallic silver and retain all of the properties of the original cloths including stretching, twisting, and pliability.  The result is a powerful and natural solution to bacterial management   that can be applied to a wide variety of applications and uses.

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