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Backed by scientific research

Two important factors make our cleaners unique:

  1. Thickness & structure of the materials @ 20 micrometer thick (akin to a human hair)

  2. Nano Silver Technology, which has bacteriostatic properties that neutralize hunderds of pathogenic viruses, bacteria, fungi.  Silver ions destroys the dirt and germs' DNA.

What is Nanosilver? 

It’s an incredibly safe, very broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent. It’s naturally occurring, and it’s just really effective.

But with antibiotic-resistant infections a growing concern around the world, there’s a powerful incentive to develop new antimicrobial tools, and nanosilver offers great promise in this arena. Effective with Staphylococcus aureus   - MRSA 



Our products have been reviewed by many respected research centers, including: 

  • Jagiellonian University, Chair of Microbiology of the Faculty of Medicine

  • Krakow University of Economics, Faculty of Commodity Science

  • Avantor Performance Materials Poland S.A. Centre

  • JARS Microbiology Laboratory

  • ECCA and SILLIKER quality assurance bacteriology centres in Belgium


The results of these tests have demonstrated that the effectiveness of our Raypath cleaning system is equal to or better than that of various chemical products.  Recognized by the NIPH in EVERY EU country.

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